rope course


Rope Course & Zip Line

New Hampshire's most challenging and fun indoor ropes course and zip line is here. To embark on the premier Sky Trail® attraction, individuals need only an enthusiasm for adventure as no helmets or previous experience are required! Participants ascend the stairs to a platform connected to various interactive elements like 'stepping stones', rope bridges and balance beams.

Guests can, and are encouraged to, traverse across the elements in any direction they choose. The path of one participant could vary from another depending on how comfortable each person is with a given element.

Experienced operators are stationed throughout the Sky Trail® to help anyone cross an intimidating element and provide support as needed.

$22 per person (includes a $5 game card) 30 minute experience.

Sky Course and Rock Wall Combo (5 Climbs) $30 per person (includes a $10 arcade game card)

For Sky Course guests must be a minimum height of 50 inches.

For Climbing Walls guests must be a minimum height of 42 inches.

The cherry on top for many during their Sky Trail® experience is finally reaching the Sky Rail® to zip around the outer edge of the attraction and zooming past friends or family members below cheering them on! Once they arrive at the other end, additional elements can be experienced and more of the Sky Trail® itself can be explored.

Heightening the Sky Trail® experience even more, is the 180-degree Sky Rail®, a zip line which delivers the ultimate ride for guests of all ages! This bold attraction is one of a kind and certainly hard to miss as it dramatically curves around the Sky Trail® for a smooth, but speedy ride before participants are safely returned to a new part of the course. Our Sky Rail® is only one of two in the United States.